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Drinking Whisky & Working From Home

Episode 016 -

50 minutes

Being forced to work from home due to coronavirus, Andrew & David discuss video chatting using Zoom & Skype, & then the rigmarole of getting things delivered. It gets a bit silly towards the end, because Andrew has been drinking whisky.

Other things we talk about:

  • Asynchronous communication
  • Journaling on Slack
  • Privacy flaws with Zoom
  • Google Nest's camera outage
  • Unnatural delay on Hermes' chat-bot
  • Comixology only has US vouchers

Links mentioned:

The Unusable podcast is presented by Andrew Waite & David Ball, who discuss the importance of user experience (UX) in technology & the world around us, & talk about great design that just works - or moan about it when it doesn't.

Music is by Gold5472