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A podcast about bad UI & UX

We discuss the importance of user experience in technology and the world around us, and talk about great design that just works - or moan about it when it doesn't.

Podcast hosts David and Andrew sitting on a green sofa. Andrew is looking at David, who has an expression of disgust.

Our latest podcast episodes

A large glass of Jakobs Law

Episode number: 030

Release date:

Duration: 33 minutes

We talk about Jakob's Law, by usability advocate Jakob Neilson

A large glass of Jakobs Law

Doug Collins

Episode number: 029

Release date:

Duration: 54 minutes

Andy interviews prominent UXer and all-round nice-guy Doug Collins

Doug Collins

Is Gamification evil?

Episode number: 028

Release date:

Duration: 58 minutes

Is gamification evil? Apple laptop gripes. What is bullshitification?

Is Gamification evil?

What are people saying about The Unusable Podcast?

Thank you for having the most entertaining and enlightening podcast in UX. I absolutely love you guys! ❤
Seriously, if you haven't listened to @UnusablePodcast yet, my only question is.... WHY?!
I'd forgotten how rewarding it was to find a new show that I instantly enjoyed so much

Unusable explained

What is usability?

Usability is a measure of how well a specific user in a specific context can use a product/design to achieve a defined goal effectively, efficiently and satisfactorily.

- Interaction Design Foundation

What is UX?

"User experience" encompasses all aspects of the end-user's interaction with the company, its services, and its products.

- Nielsen Norman Group

Why should I care?

When your users struggle to achieve the goals the app promises efficiently, they will probably look to your competition to get what your app failed to deliver.

- Nomtek

Who are Unusable Podcast?

We are web professionals with over 20 years combined experience. We enjoy exploring the world of UX & usability through humour.

- Andrew & David, The Unusable Podcast hosts

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