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Planned obsolescence

Episode 017 -

41 minutes

David & Andrew discuss planned obsolescence, the practice of designing products to need replacing sooner to net the manufacturer more money. Is it a devious plot to get us all to spend more & pollute the environment, or just technology progressing? In our Bad Usability Nightmare, Andrew collects meat from a pub car park.

Other things we talk about:

  • 100 year old lightbulb - the "Centennial Light"
  • HP ink cartridges not working after time
  • TV upgrades, & the pointlessness of 8K

Links mentioned:

The Unusable podcast is presented by Andrew Waite & David Ball, who discuss the importance of user experience (UX) in technology & the world around us, & talk about great design that just works - or moan about it when it doesn't.

Music is by Gold5472